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Kendreia Redmond, LSW





10540 S. Western Ave, Unit 203, Chicago, IL 60643

Currently Accepting:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Cigna

  • United Healthcare

A Bit About Me

Everyone, especially in their most vulnerable stages of life, needs someone. Depression, anxiety, grief, and other mental health stressors are common struggles that can often be overlooked or dismissed. Beyond that, sometimes major life changes can just be too difficult to handle alone. When we may fail to see how our environments, upbringing, and relationships impact our mental health stability, we lack the appropriate self-tools to change our own dynamics. I strongly believe that psychotherapy empowers individuals to be more self-aware (and PROTECTIVE) of their mental wellness. 


This can be done through a collaborative approach of building coping skills, self-care strategies, boundaries, and other useful needs to promote holistic healing. Emerging into the psychotherapy world, I have quickly learned that the voice of the client is one of the most important components of therapy. I am here for YOU.  


As a Licensed Social Worker, with a background in psychology, I understand the complexity of physical elements impacting mental adjustment. I incorporate a variety of approaches from strengths-based to solution-focused, to best fit the presenting client. No two people look at one problem the same! Therefore, I utilize myself as the safest space for any of my clients to connect by always being willing to adapt my approach to fit their needs. I predominantly utilize a psychodynamic foundation to help clients process trauma or triggers and a cognitive-behavioral approach to encourage healing. I also believe representation matters. As a female, (L)GBT, POC, I have lived experience of certain social or environmental challenges and can be an advocate for someone else going through their own. 


My primary goals for psychotherapy are HEALING and HAPPINESS! What are YOURS? How can WE work TOGETHER to meet those goals. I work with individuals, couples, families, and groups. You’ve already identified that you need support, now take the next step, and reach out to me. I am here to help!

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