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Individual Therapy

Creative Approaches to Therapy Inc. provides traditional individual therapy services that are the basic foundation of our services. Each therapist is trained to provide therapy from a multitude of clinical perspectives. Find out which may suit you best below.

Girl in Therapy

Why Should I Go to Therapy?
-Are you feeling stressed from work, school, or home life?
-Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?
-Have you experienced a traumatic event?
-Do you struggle to express your emotions and how you feel?

…Or, I just don’t know and wanted to try therapy for myself!
Individual therapy is utilized for a multitude of reasons: feeling overwhelmed, unable to manage emotions, anxiety, depression, or losing hope or motivation. Going to therapy provides a safe space for a person to explore and process these emotions or behaviors that they do not understand. Therapy allows a person to learn more about themselves and can lead to growth and improvement in all areas of life.

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